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Entomology, Ornithology and Herpetology: Current Research (ISSN: 2161-0983) is delighted to announce its 10th year of remembrance celebration in the year 2020. We utilize an open-access and peer review publishing model to help our objectives of expanding advantages to Pursuers, Authors and Editors by maximizing the open and transparent trade of thoughts and novel findings among researchers and also individuals from general society. We are fortifying the scientific research network by committing with scholarly societies and supporting scientists to communicate with their novel findings that make a difference. We work together with Authors, Societies, Libraries, and different individuals from the research network to produce, deliver, and empower access to the scientific and academic insights that are settling a portion of the world's greatest challenges.

The journal enables scientists all over the world to submit their work related to three major groups in Zoology. Insects, birds and reptiles are part of the ecosystem and play varied roles in the human and animal lives and are vital for scientific studies. Their relation to humans and plants is of great importance both for food production, health and medicine. The role of insects in plant growth, especially crops has been always a topic of research the same goes for birds and reptiles in a different way. The journal welcomes scientists to share their thoughts related to Forensic entomology, Biofertilizers & Biopesticides, Biochemistry in Avian Systems, Avian Pathology, Herpetological Conservation and Biology and many more.

Our aim tries to spread noteworthy thoughts and research information to established researchers. Our goal has constantly centred on helping our authors succeed, wherever they are in their education and expert professions. We engage you with interminable scientific research information and encourage you in your advancement of discovering the world around you. According to our conviction, there is no best cost for Knowledge except the will to learn.