No one can control the aging process and trajectory of illness


Aging is the on-going phase of our lives not only for human beings also for living organisms. Some of us are interested to be healthy and young during 70’s and 80’s of our life and even scientists working in this field are identifying unique ways in creating new Anti-aging creams, anti-wrinkle creams, things necessary to avoid to avoid age related diseases (making them to change the life-style) and to improve the cognitive skills.

Journal of Aging Science is mostly focusing on releasing articles related to age related diseases, sedentary behavior of elder individuals, tasks improving cognitive skills of older adults, Alzheimer’s, Parkinsonism, Centenarians and their behavior, residents who are out of their home and living in old age homes.

This journal is not only fond of novel aspects in medical field but also on human ethical values. This we got to know by the topics that we came across till now. Our journal also organizes conferences on this context every year and releases special issues for every for every two years.

In this journal you will find the articles of following type: Cognitve Impairment, Telomerase activity, Older Adulthood, Aged people, Dwelling and Nursing home elders, Programmes on physical health, Anti-aging therapy, field sobriety tests, Biomarkers of Aging, Dementia, dysphagia and many more.

Right from 7 years we have been working in publishing quality articles which improved citations world wide of our journal irrespective of the type of the article. This achievement is obtained not only by the organization itself also involves immense contribution of Editorial team members, reviewers and authors of our journal.

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