Micro-organisms affect every aspect of life on Earth


In present-date, the microbes influence the survival of every creature on the planet. Not all of them cause diseases but majority are completely harmless. As Bacteria & Parasite are a proportion of Microbiology, they are also the reason for existing infections in the world. Fundamentally, we have to realize that Disease is when the infection causes damage to the individual’s vital functions or systems. An infection does not always result in disease! They not only cause side effects but also these minute life forms are essential to the cycling of nutrients in the eco-systems of the globe.

Journal of Bacteriology and Parasitology be held by Longdom Publishing SL which is one of the leading international publishers of open access journals. We are overjoyed to promulgate that our Journal of Bacteriology & Parasitology got outstretched for 10 Volumes which is an enormous triumph on account of esteemed authors who made endowment to our journal more honored.

This journal considers articles from all aspects related to bacteriology and parasitology, which includes Bacterial Ecology, Parasitic Infection, Pathogenic Bacteria, Bacterial toxin, Bacterial genomics, Bacteremia, Salmonella, Bacterial Diseases, Intestinal parasites, Parasitic Worms, Anthrax, Clostridial infections, Leprosy, Listeriosis, etc.

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