Microbiome in Food Animals


Microbiome in Food Animals

The animal production industry is a major user of antimicrobial agents which are necessary to meet the increasing demand of animal proteins for the growing world population. While accurate estimates of the volume of antimicrobials used in food production systems are lacking in many countries, widespread antimicrobial use (AMU) in food animal production is fueling the rise of antimicrobial resistance (AMR), which could lead to difficult-to treat bacterial infections in both humans and animals. The World Health Organization has identified AMR as one of the top three global public health problems, and resistance is posing a problem for farmers who are facing the loss of drug antimicrobial efficacy. The emergence, spread and transmission of AMR is a complex issue and can be influenced by several factors such as biosecurity (AMU, access, cleaning, disinfection, etc.). The origin and fate of the antimicrobial resistant and pathogenic bacteria found in food production systems needs to be established.

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