Journal of Tumor Research: A strategy document from the NCRI Brain Tumor CSG


Journal of Tumor Research: A strategy document from the NCRI Brain Tumor CSG


The National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI) is a partnership of charity and government research funders whose purpose is to improve health and quality of life by accelerating progress in cancer-related research through collaboration. Under this umbrella, the NCRI Brain Tumor Clinical Studies Group is focused on improving clinical outcomes for adult patients with brain and central nervous system tumors, including those with brain metastasis from other primary sites. This document discusses the current state of clinical brain tumor research in the United Kingdom and the challenges to increasing study and trial opportunities for patients. The clinical research priorities are defined along with a strategy to strengthen the existing brain tumor research network, improve access to tissue and imaging and to develop the future leadership for brain tumor research in the United Kingdom. This strategy document may serve as a framework for other organizations and countries.

The National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI) partnership was established in 2001 to ensure collaboration and coordination amongst cancer research funders in order to maximize the value and benefits of cancer research for patients and the public. Within the NCRI, clinical studies groups (CSGs) were established across the major cancer sites to provide a forum for stakeholders to develop trials and build a strategic portfolio within their areas of expertise. The original remit of the CSGs was to promote trials within the clinical community and also to provide constructive support for study proposals prior to submission to funding agencies. More recently the remit has changed and CSGs are now expected to be more active in developing clinical trials in-house, with particular emphasis on interventional rather than observational studies.

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