Bone Tumors


Bone Tumors

Bone tumors grow when cells in the bone divide without control, forming a mass of tissue. Most bone tumors are benign, which means they are not cancer and do not spread to other areas of the body. But they may still weaken bone and lead to broken bones or cause other problems.

Bone cancer destroys normal bone tissue. It may start in the bone or spread from other parts of the body (called metastasis).

Benign Bone Tumors

Benign tumors are more common than tumors caused by cancer. These are a few common types of benign bone tumors:

Osteochondroma is the most common benign bone tumor. It is more common in people under age 20.

Giant cell tumor is a benign tumor, typically in the leg (malignant types of this tumor are uncommon).

Osteoid osteoma is a benign bone tumor, often found in long bones, that happens commonly in the early 20s.

Primary Bone Cancer

Primary bone cancer, or bone sarcoma, is a cancerous tumor that starts in the bone. The cause is not certain, but heredity may play a role. Radiation therapy or cancer drugs may raise your chances of getting this type of cancer. As with all cancer, if primary bone cancer spreads to other places in your body, it's called metastatic cancer. These are some of the most common types of primary bone cancer:

Osteosarcoma is most common around the knee and upper arm. Most of the time, it is found in teens and young adults. There is an adult form of this tumor that is usually seen in people with Paget's disease of bone.


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