Aging: Late phase of life where our body loses its capability and searches for hope


Aging Science is an open access publisher you can publish articles related to aging, age related diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s diseases, dementia, gait, schizophrenia etc., bereavement in geriatrics, centenarians, sedentary behavior in older adults and many more.

Journal of Aging Science follows rapid peer review process with the help of active expertise reviewers. The authors can submit the paper through our online portal of Editorial tracking system where they can get access to know about the flow of article once the article accepted.

Authors around the world contributed articles such as Research, Review, Case Report, Clinical Image, Mini-review, Short Communication, Commentary, Editorial note, also some organizations utilized the figures which are published in our articles for promoting their company in their magazine.

This Journal of Aging Science considers articles in the following areas: physiology, biochemistry, molecular biology, studies related to aging specific genes and proteins, medical applications with aging associated issues etc. It also covers research on fast emerging areas of adults stem cells, brain imaging, calorie restriction, molecular diagnostics, pharmacology and clinical aspects of aging. The journal for researchers, educators and physicians with interest in aging, age-related diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, Osteoarthritis, Gastritis, Geriatrics, Gastroenteritis and longevity.

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